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Abstract Attributes

The attribute sets and attributes for the above class are described below. Minor edits which enhance the current definitions should be made directly to the text. Major changes or revisions which change the attribute words should follow the directions at the bottom of this page under Proposed Changes.

Dints or Dots

Multiple choice. [New window] Examples for Abstract.Dints or Dots

Multiple separate random strikes that do not form a line or pattern. An entire panel may sometimes be covered with relatively evenly spaced dints.
Random placement of multiple dots. If the dots have depth and are abraded, they are cupules and should be classified as Grinding Features..
A series of dints or dots forming one or more curved lines.
A series of dints or dots forming one or more straight lines.

Linear Meanders

Multiple choice. Linear meanders do not form shapes, where a shape is an enclosed or fully patterned object. [New window] Examples for Abstract.Linear Meanders

One or more curved lines.
One or more straight lines.
Crossing Lines
Lines that cross.
Connecting Lines
Lines that connect.
Branching Lines
Lines that fork, such as a capital Y.
Parallel Lines
Lines that are partially parallel. If completely parallel, the element may be a geometric.
Single Line
The element could be drawn as a single line. It is possible to have a single line that crosses itself.
Multiple Lines
The element is composed of multiple lines that may or may not connect or cross each other.

Abstract Shapes

This attribute set describes any shapes which are part of the abstract element. [New window] Examples for Abstract.Abstract Shapes

The shape is an area enclosed by lines.
The shape is a solid pecked area.
The shape is patterned and usually outlined.
Straight Edges
An edge of at least one shape is straight.
Curved Edges
An edge of at least one shape is curved.
Single Object
There is only one shape and possibly many additional lines.
Multiple Objects
There are two or more enclosed areas.
Multiple Connected
The element has two or more solid, patterned, or outline shapes which are connected to each other with a line.
Multiple Attached
The element has two or more solid, patterned, or outline shapes which share a side.

Proposed Changes

If you have suggestions which add, delete, combine attributes or change the word used to define an attribute, then please copy the entire current attribute set definition above, including the attribute set heading to the end of this page and edit your copy. If you wish to make a comment below your improved version (or someone else's improved version), add a horizontal rule and then your comment.

Minor changes in agreement with the someone's proposed changes should be made directly to the text, competing versions should be documented as complete revised copies including the heading.

To add a new attribute set, create it exactly as it should appear. For suggestions on sequence changes, create an appropriate heading below and add a comment. For other types of changes, innovate.

All documentation should be written for the target audience of volunteer rock art recorders.

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