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Compare Surveys


The Compare Surveys function compares cropped elements by selected surveys and rock art class. The rows can be scrolled horizontally, enabling elements from multiple surveys to be viewed and compared.


The first page displays a list of surveys on the database. You may select any number of surveys by clicking on the corresponding check boxes or none to select all surveys.

Hyperlinks include: Area see ShowMaps).

To continue, click the Submit button.

The second page displays by survey the number of elements in each rock art class. You may select one or more rock art classes by survey or all elements for a rock art class by clicking on the corresponding check boxes.

To continue, click the Submit button.

The third page displays the elements selected. Each row is a rock art class for a survey. The rows may be individually scrolled horizontally by clicking the "Prior" or "Next" selectors in the heading line. Next or previous pages are displayed by clicking the "Next Page" or "Prior Page" buttons at the bottom of the page.

The following is the bottom of the third page:

Hyperlinks include: Element ID, Cluster, Panel, Element (see ElementCaptions), Prior, Next, Prior Page, Next Page (see PageNumbers).


  • Submit: accepts the request and takes the application to the next page.

  • Reset: resets the page to the last values displayed by your browser.

  • Change Survey: takes you to the first page displaying a list of surveys.

  • Next Page: takes you to the next page.

  • Prior Page: takes you to prior page.

  • Menu: takes you to the Main Menu.

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