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Mask Or Head Attributes

The attribute sets and attributes for the above class are described below. Minor edits which enhance the current definitions should be made directly to the text. Major changes or revisions which change the attribute words should follow the directions at the bottom of this page under Proposed Changes.

Facial Features

Multiple choice. [New window] Examples for Mask Or Head.Facial Features

Human-like ears on the side of the head.
Eyes of any form, including simple dots.
Dots in the center of the eye. This should be checked only if the eye attribute is checked and the eyes are depicted in enough detail to show pupils.
Lines above the eye.
A portion of the neck.
A nose in any form.
A detailed nose that has sufficient detail to show nostrils.
A mouth.
One or more teeth are depicted.
Tattoo or Paint
The forehead, cheeks, chin, or nose have geometric symbols that may represent paint or tattoos.


Multiple choice. Indicate all of the features depicted. [New window] Examples for Mask Or Head.Headdress

Animal Ears
Any ear-like appendages at the top of the head.
Any decoration attached or dangling from the ears.
One or more decorative ray-like lines on the top or top and side of the head.
Hair-like depictions, for example, the squash blossom hairdo frequently depicted on females.
Halo or Aura
An arc or unattached rays drawn above the head.
A hat other than a sackhat.
Horns or antler-like appendages attached to the top of the head.
Nose Piercing
Any decoration which appears attached to the nose.
A hat typically shown as dangling to one side. It sometimes is depicted with two tails on either side of the head.
Snout or Beak
An animal-like nose nose or beak. May be depicted as un-natural cylinders or other shapes.
Any other feature not listed above.

Overall Shape

Single choice. [New window] Examples for Mask Or Head.Overall Shape

The overall shape of the mask or head is circular or round.
The overall shape of the mask or head is oval.
The overall shape of the mask or head is rectangular or square.
The overall shape of the mask or head is irregular.
There is no outline to the mask or head, only facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are depicted.

Proposed Changes

If you have suggestions which add, delete, combine attributes or change the word used to define an attribute, then please copy the entire current attribute set definition above, including the attribute set heading to the end of this page and edit your copy. If you wish to make a comment below your improved version (or someone else's improved version), add a horizontal rule and then your comment.

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