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The page number hyperlinks found at the bottom of a multi-page report provide quick access to any page of the report.

Entry Points

There are numerous reporting and recording functions that display large numbers of images or elements. Instead of displaying hundreds or thousands of images or elements on one page, the report will be broken into multiple pages based upon the maximum images per page setting in UserPreferences.


Multi-page reports will display a page selection scale similar to that shown below. Single page reports will not display a number at the bottom of the page.

The current page number will be shown as a bold black number. All of the other selections will appear as blue hyperlinks. Prior and Next will only appear only if there is a page prior to or next to the current page.

1 will always appear on the left and the last or highest page number will always appear on the right. These hyperlinks provide access to the first and last pages of the report.

The numbers in the middle of the scale will vary with the length of the report and the current page number. In most instances the page number hyperlinks will allow you to skip a page or two in either direction. For reports with many pages, there may be an option to select a page number midway between the present page and the beginning or end of the report.

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