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Phytomorphic Attributes

The attribute sets and attributes for the above class are described below. Minor edits which enhance the current definitions should be made directly to the text. Major changes or revisions which change the attribute words should follow the directions at the bottom of this page under Proposed Changes.


Single choice. [New window] Examples for Phytomorphic.Plants

Any cactus or succulent except yucca and sahuaro.
A single flower unattached to a stalk.
A plant with a center stalk and curved leaves. Sometimes depicted with round heads and the center stalk not descending below the lower pair of leaves.
Conifers may have a center trunk and upward branches forming a triangle and deciduous trees may have branching trunks.
Center trunk and one or more arms curved upward.
Curved leaves that arc upward from a center stem. Sometimes has a stalk bloom.
Any plant not fitting one of the above selections.


Single choice. [New window] Examples for Phytomorphic.Trunk

A dominant center trunk with symmetrical leaves or branches.
A branching trunk.


Multiple Choice. [New window] Examples for Phytomorphic.Leaves

The leaves droop downward.
The leaves are straight or arc outward.
The leaves point or arc upward.
The leaves are curved lines.
The leaves are straight lines.
The leaves have a shape other than a line and are solidly pecked or painted.
The leaves have a shape and are outlined. The center has not been pecked or painted.


Multiple choice. This includes flowers unattached to a plant. [New window] Examples for Phytomorphic.Flowers

The flower is depicted from the side as a horn or fan shape, possibly as part of a plant in bloom.
The flower is depicted from the front and shows the center and petals.
Elongated Petals
The petals are elongated.
Rounded Petals
The petals are rounded.
6 or Less Petals
Six or fewer petals.
>6 Petals
More than 6 petals.
Has a characteristic not fitting the above selections.

Proposed Changes

If you have suggestions which add, delete, combine attributes or change the word used to define an attribute, then please copy the entire current attribute set definition above, including the attribute set heading to the end of this page and edit your copy. If you wish to make a comment below your improved version (or someone else's improved version), add a horizontal rule and then your comment.

Minor changes in agreement with the someone's proposed changes should be made directly to the text, competing versions should be documented as complete revised copies including the heading.

To add a new attribute set, create it exactly as it should appear. For suggestions on sequence changes, create an appropriate heading below and add a comment. For other types of changes, innovate.

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