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Slice and Compare Surveys By Attributes


The Slice and Compare Surveys by Attribute function is similar to Compare Surveys By Attributes with one additional feature. It first splits the elements within one or more surveys into groups using the attributes of a selected attribute set. These groups of elements are then analyzed for attributes that are common to multiple groups or unique to a single group.

The usage of this function is expected to be infrequent. For some surveys, it may be possible to split the elements into groups based upon an age or age guess attribute, and then compare the groups of elements to determine if there are unique attributes based upon the age of elements.


The first page displays a list General and Rock Art Class Specific exclusive attributes. Select an attribute set by clicking on an attribute set.

The second page displays a list of the survey that have matching attribute selection criteria. Select one or ore surveys by clicking the corresponding check boxes.

Hyperlinks include: Area (see ShowMaps).

To continue, click the Submit button.

The third page displays the number of elements by rock art class. Select one or more rock art classes by clicking on the corresponding check boxes or none to select all the rock art classes.

To continue, click on Analyze Attributes.

The fourth page displays two tables: "Common Attributes" and "Unique Attributes". The "Common Attributes" table displays the attributes common to 2 or more elements from the selected rock art class with the matching attribute selection. The "Unique Attributes" table displays by the attribute set selection, attributes that are unique to the elements from the selected rock art class.

Clicking on an attribute will display the matching elements.

Hyperlinks include: Element ID, Cluster, Panel, Element (see ElementCaptions), Prior, Next, Prior Page, Next Page (see PageNumbers).


  • Submit: accepts the request and takes the application to the next page.

  • Reset: resets to the page to the last values displayed by your browser.

  • Change Survey: takes you to the second page displaying a list of surveys.

  • Change Class: takes you to the third page displaying rock art classes.

  • Change Attribute: takes you to the first page displaying the two reports.

  • Next Page: takes you to the next page.

  • Prior Page: takes you to the prior page.

  • Menu: takes you to the Main Menu.

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