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User Preferences

You may use the form on the bottom of this page to update your personal preferences. The definitions of the various fields on the form follow.

  • Name: This is the name created for you by the DigitalRockArt administrator. It cannot be changed.

  • Email: Your email address may only be changed in the DigitalRockArt Change Email Address function. This address is used if you subscribe to a wiki page and someone (other than you) updates the page.

  • Editor size: <!> This controls the size of the text area when you edit a page. Adjust this to suit the size of your monitor and your personal preferences.

  • Preferred theme: choose a theme to change colours, icons and layout of the wiki

  • Time zone: ...

    • Your time is: If the correct time is not displayed, use the drop down box and select the correct time.

    • Server time is: Displays the server time.

  • Date format: The default of year-month-day is least confusing for international use.

  • Preferred language: The default is taken from your browser setting. It is advisable to set this to a specific language anyway, since then you get notification mails in your native tongue, too.

  • General options: ...

    • Add spaces to displayed wiki names: If checked, makes WikiNames look like Wiki Names. DEPRECATED.

    • After login jump to last visited page: If checked, jumps to the last page in your trail after login.

    • Open editor on double click: Handy if you edit a lot of pages.

    • Publish my email (not my wiki homepage) in author info: in case you have no wiki home page.

    • Show comment sections: When checked: show comments (and toggle to comments off), otherwise do not show comments (and toggle to comments on).

    • Show fancy diffs: Makes diffs more readable.

    • Show page trail: Lists the last five pages visited at the top of the page, so you can jump back several pages easily.

    • Show question mark for non-existing pagelinks: Display a highlighted ? in front of a non-existent page instead of a color-coded page name.

    • Show top/bottom links in headings: If checked, every title bar will have an up and down arrow to navigate to top or bottom of page.

  • Quick links: Adds additional choices to the navigation section. Enter one Wiki page name per line. You may also add free-form links, i.e. entries of the form [url linktext] just like in wiki pages.


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