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Zoomorphic Tracks Attributes

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Single choice. This identifies the various types of animal tracks. [New window] Examples for Zoomorphic Tracks.Order

Bear prints are often stylized in a variety of ways. A natural print is shorter and rounder than a human footprint and all digits are nearly the same size. In some instances, the pad is stylized into a single or double bar with leading toe marks. Other designs may include leading toe marks connected to a segmented rectangle or a segmented closed U shape.
Typically shown as three lines joined together at a vertex. Bird tracks may have three or four toes pointing forward, or three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing backward. Tracks of swimming birds may show webbed feet.
Tracks in the canine family will have four toes with claw marks and the heel pad will be triangular with a rounded point at the top and the trailing edge may be indented. The front toes, rear toes, and heel pad should be positioned so that an X can be drawn with the center at the top of the heel pad. The lower lines of the X will go to the sides of the heel pad and the trailing toes. The upper lines will go between a leading toe and a trailing toe.
Cat tracks have four toes as does the canine family, but usually do not have claw marks. The front of the heel pad will be indented and the back of the heel pad will be flat or show nodules of about the same size.
Three or four feet may be shown.
Any type of hoofed animal.
Any other type of footprint believed to be zoomorphic. May be one of the above but cannot be identified as such.


Multiple choice. [New window] Examples for Zoomorphic Tracks.Size

>Life Size
The print is much larger than the print of an adult animal.
Adult Size
The print is about the size of an adult animal.
The print is much smaller than an adult animal.
Big Digits
The digits are much larger than normal.

Number Digits

Multiple choice. [New window] Examples for Zoomorphic Tracks.Number Digits

One or more of the prints has two digits.
One or more of the prints has three digits.
One or more of the prints has four digits.
One or more of the prints has five digits.
One or more of the prints has six digits.
One or more of the prints has seven digits.
One or more of the prints has eight digits.
One or more of the prints has nine digits.

One or more of the prints has ten or more digits.

Group Size

Single choice. The number of tracks, if more than one. [New window] Examples for Zoomorphic Tracks.Group Size

Six - Ten
Less than ten.
Ten - Twenty
Less than twenty.
More Than Twenty
More than twenty.

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